You’ve seen me with Jillian Michaels, you’ve worked out with me on Grokker, you’ve heard me on Aaptiv, now train with me one-on-one.


Hi, I’m Jaime Mcfaden, full time mama bear and health and fitness coach.

I’ve worked on hundreds of fitness videos, have over 10 certifications and have taught classes as nearly every gym you could imagine. In 2014, I decided to branch off and create my own fitness empire with the mission to help people across the world live happier, healthier lives by making MINOR adjustments.

Now with a baby, there are absolutely NO excuses.  Trust me, I could give you 100 as to why I can’t workout each day. I have designed jumpstart programs, 30-day challenges, and multiple programs so there is something for pretty much everyone.

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30-Day Fitness Plan

Let me help you reach your fitness goals.  Together we got this!

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