30-Day Bootylicious Challenge

I’ve had so many people ask me how to build their glutes and get that nice round rump.  HERE’S THE ANSWER!

Build your “Bootylicious Behind” with this 30-day, Whey by J circuit from me, the Curvy Greek Goddess.  The best part…..it’s FREE!  Simply sign up.

Each week you’ll receive a video demonstrating the workouts, with a step-by-step description of the exercise you can print out.

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The FREE 30-Day Bootylicious Challenge Video Breakdown:

  • Week 1 – All Floor Exercises
  • Week 2 – Standing 2 leg squats and lunges
  • Week 3 – Single leg
  • Week 4 – Power moves
  • Week 5 – Test your limits

If your butt is weak- your body will use other muscles to carry your body around and many aches and pains will follow. Back pain, tight hips, aching hamstrings sound familiar??? Let’s get working that booty now!!

Each video will guide you on the moves with modifications and progressions. Be sure to take a rest day in between (that’s when the magic happens). 

You have to, however, sign up to receive the videos.